World Suicide Prevention Day 2018 Assets

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The primary aim for the digital assets is to highlight the wide range of partnerships working in suicide prevention, giving you the opportunity to raise awareness of your collaborations. There are six categories for partnership chosen by the project group:

  • People with personal experience
  • Our community – we’re also using two sub-categories in ‘our community’, as there is so much activity:
    • Arts
    • Sports
  • Health Services
  • Emergency Services
  • Education
  • Employers

Below we have provided a digital asset for each category as well as a Proud Member of the NSPA image and two Twitter banners for you to choose from, should you want to change your Twitter banner for the day.

Please note that the below images are thumbnails, in order to download a high resolution version you will need to click on each asset and then save the subsequent image in your folders by right-clicking on it. If you need assistance in downloading an asset please email us at

Proud members of the National Suicide Prevention Alliance


Twitter banner


Twitter banner


08:30 – Working with people with personal experience to prevent suicide


10:00 – Working with our community to prevent suicide


10:30 – Working with the arts to prevent suicide


11:00 – Working with sports to prevent suicide


11:30 – Working with health services to prevent suicide


13:00 – Working with emergency services to prevent suicide


14:30 – Working with education to prevent suicide


16:00 – Working with employers to prevent suicide