Steering Group Elections 2019

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The Steering Group provides the governance and strategic direction for the NSPA and plays a crucial role in helping us drive forward our work and develop a strong and collaborative network.

There are two places on the NSPA Steering Group up for election this year. You can read more on the existing Steering Group membership here.


All the information on the elections is below:

What does the Steering Group do?

What you need to know about being on the Steering Group

The nominations process - deadline Thursday 16th May

The voting process

I want to stand for election to the Steering Group

    – what are the criteria?

    – what is the process?


What does the Steering Group do?

The role of the Steering Group is to:

Provide strategic direction and leadership

  • Guide the work of the NSPA
  • Oversee the development of NSPA priorities and associated work-plan iterations
  • Approve (with NSPA staff) additional areas of joint-work to be conducted under the name of the NSPA, further to the objectives detailed in the NSPA strategy and annual work-plan
  • Agree the work-flow of NSPA staff and monitor performance against agreed objectives
  • Maintain the independence of NSPA from government

Monitor finances and allocate resources

  • Ensure the NSPA is on a secure financial footing by actively exploring/ sourcing viable options for future funding of the NSPA’s programme of work
  • Agree the allocation of resource against set work-plan objectives

Oversee governance

  • Develop, agree and periodically review the Terms of Reference for the NSPA


What you need to know about being on the Steering Group

What is the time commitment for Steering Group members?

  • The Steering Group meets quarterly in London, with online/email discussion and debate between meetings as necessary. Members are expected to take the time to review papers for these quarterly meetings, seek input, and take action as necessary prior to these meetings.
  • The NSPA also holds an annual membership meeting and conference, which Steering Group members are expected to attend.
  • Steering Group members are also expected to support/ oversee some of the programmes of work and engagement with the wider membership.

What are the terms of office?

Steering Group members are elected for three years with the option to stand for a further consecutive term (i.e. a maximum of 6 years in post).

Is there any remuneration for Steering Group members?

The role of Steering Group members is voluntary and members do not receive any remuneration.  We can reimburse travel expenses and would consider contributions towards time, particularly for those with lived experience if you would otherwise not be able to stand.


The nominations process

Timetable for nominations

Nominations are open from Friday 3rd May until the close of business on Thursday 16th May. Following the close of nominations Electoral Reform Services will contact all members via email and there will be information on the NSPA website announcing candidates and providing information on next steps.

General terms and conditions for standing for election

  • Nominations can be put forward by the nominated lead contact of any member organisation.
  • A nominee must be a representative from an existing member organisation of the NSPA but does not have to be the current nominated lead contact.

All nominations must be seconded by another NSPA member. NB: the NSPA Secretariat can provide a full list of members and contact details for lead contacts for securing this.


The voting process

Terms and conditions for voting members

  • Your organisation must be a formal member of the NSPA in order to vote in the Steering Group elections.
  • There is one vote per member organisation.
  • It is the responsibility of the nominated lead contact of each member organisation to discuss the election candidates with colleagues as appropriate and cast a vote on behalf of their organisation.

What voting system is being used for these elections?

  • The Electoral Reform Services will conduct the voting on behalf of the NSPA.
  • We will be using the Single Transferrable Vote (STV).
  • You can read more about the STV on the Electoral Reform Society

When is voting happening and when will I know the results of the elections?

  • Voting will take place electronically in late May and June and the results will be announced in our newsletter in June.


I want to stand for election to the Steering Group

What are the criteria?

  • Committed to the vision, mission and aims of the NSPA
  • Ability to think strategically and creatively
  • Ability to provide independent scrutiny and credible advice on key elements of NSPA business
  • Ability to oversee and support some of the programmes of work in the new strategy as necessary
  • Understanding of the role of the Steering Group as set out above and in the NSPA’s Terms of Reference (which you can read here:
  • Available to attend at least three of the quarterly Steering Group meetings each year

In addition to the above, the NSPA is keen to ensure there is a balance of skills and experience on the Steering Group and would particularly welcome nominees that provide the following expertise/specialisms. NB: this list is not exhaustive and nominees may bring other expertise/specialisms to the table.

  • Lived experience of suicide (which could include living with suicidal thoughts, having been through a suicidal crisis or attempt, having been bereaved by suicide)
  • Membership support and development
  • Income generation
  • Local authority
  • Corporate

Please note that the NSPA reserves the right to compare any nominations for the Steering Group against the criteria above.  A nomination for a position on the Steering Group does not guarantee a place on the ballot.  In the event of a large number of nominations, the Nominations and Membership committee of the Steering Group will select up to 10 most suitable candidates.


What is the process?

Please submit the following by email to Penny Fosten at by the close of business on Thursday 16th May:

  • The name of the member that has seconded your nomination (NB: please contact Penny direct if you have any queries/concerns about this).
  • A 250 word statement as an attached word document setting out:
  • Why you are seeking to be elected
  • What skills and experience you will bring to the role NB: please keep in mind the role of the Steering Group and criteria for election as set out above
  • A web-quality head shot photo to accompany your candidate statement
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