Suicide prevention strategy for England 2012

HM Government’s cross-government strategy for reducing suicide, including six key objectives:

1: Reduce the risk of suicide in key high-risk groups
2: Tailor approaches to improve mental health in specific groups
3: Reduce access to the means of suicide
4: Provide better information and support to those bereaved or affected by suicide
5: Support the media in delivering sensitive approaches to suicide and suicidal behaviour
6: Support research, data collection and monitoring.

Suicide Prevention Strategy for England 2012

NICE Guidelines: Preventing suicide in community and custodial settings

Public Health England worked alongside the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) to launch NICE’s new guidelines for suicide prevention in community and custodial settings. The guidelines cover ways to reduce suicide and help people bereaved or affected by suicide. It aims to:

  • help local services work more effectively together to prevent suicide
  • identify and help people at risk
  • prevent suicide in places where it is currently more likely.

Preventing Suicide in Community and Custodial Settings 

Self-harm and suicide prevention frameworks

Health Education England (HEE) and the National Collaborating Centre for Mental Health (NCCMH) have launched a series of self-harm and suicide prevention frameworks.

The competency frameworks describe activities that need to be brought together to support people who self-harm and/or are suicidal.

The frameworks, which have a range of applications, overlap in terms of their content, but help describe the work that is required within different populations and contexts.

Working with children and young people Working with adults and older people
Working with the public Service users and carers


Consensus statement on information sharing

Families bereaved by suicide have expressed concern about their experiences with services, and issues of confidentiality. They have raised concerns that practitioners can seem reluctant to take information from families and friends or give them information about a person’s suicide risk. The Department of Health working in consultation with other organisations has developed the consensus statement below to promote greater sharing of information.

Consensus statement on information sharing

Internet Safety Strategy: Green paper & Response to the Consultation

Through this green paper the Government sets out details on how they must play a greater role in tackling issues of online harms. The government addresses online safety by bringing groups across society together to establish a coordinated approach. Also the Government’s response following their consultation.

Internet Safety Strategy: Green Paper

Government response to the Consultation on the Internet Safety Strategy Green Paper