From Grief To Hope

This report, ‘From Grief to Hope’, comes from Manchester University and Support After Suicide Partnership, and shares the findings from a survey of over 7000 people bereaved by suicide, about the impact the bereavement had on their lives. It includes recommendations to governments, to employers and wider society about how to improve the support that’s available for those bereaved by suicide.

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Samaritans Pushed from pillar to post

In October 2020, Samaritans launched their “Pushed from pillar to post” report. This report shows there is no consistent, effective support in England for people who self-harm and urgent improvements are needed. It sets out a compelling case for change involving schools, universities, workplaces, primary care, mental health care, and the community and voluntary sector.

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Report on APPG inquiry into support available for young people who self-harm

In September 2020, the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Suicide & Self-Harm Prevention launched their report on the inquiry into support available for young people who self-harm. This inquiry was carried out by a panel of parliamentarians on behalf of the APPG on Suicide and Self-Harm, with support provided by Samaritans.
The panel consisted of members of the House of Commons and the House of Lords. They were:

  • Liz Twist MP (Labour) – Chair of the APPG on Suicide and Self-Harm Prevention and the inquiry
  • Jackie Doyle-Price MP (Conservative)
  • Jason McCartney MP (Conservative)
  • Bambos Charalambous MP (Labour)
  • Mary Glindon MP (Labour)
  • Baroness Tyler of Enfield (Liberal Democrat)
  • Baroness Finlay of Llandaff (Crossbench)

APPG Inquiry Full Report

APPG Executive Summary


Samaritans prisons data – Unlocking the evidence

This report looks at key trends in prison suicide rates and presents what Samaritans know about why some people in prison take their own lives. The reasons, as with all suicides, are complex. It is suggested that the increased risk of suicide in prisoners stems from a unique combination of pre-existing vulnerability and the prison environment itself.



Autistica Action Briefing: Suicide Prevention

Autistica is the UK’s autism research charity. This briefing summarises the most important scientific findings about suicide in the autistic community. It was developed in collaboration with leading researchers, autistic people and bereaved family members as an insight into the latest evidence.

Autistica strongly urge the Department of Health and Social Care, NHS policy-makers, local authorities, services and public research funders to act on this information.


Autistica Action Briefing: Suicide Prevention