NSPA Conference 2016

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Empowering Communities through Collaboration

Tuesday 2 February 2016, 10:00 to 16:30

The Kia Oval, London

Eventbrite - NSPA Conference 2016: Empowering Communities Through Collaboration

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NSPA Conference


The NSPA believes in engaging the whole of society in suicide prevention and our 2016 conference focuses on empowering local action and collaboration to achieve this.

We’ve got a fantastic line up of speakers to provide you with the latest information on a wide range of initiatives, including:

  • Zero Suicide: experiences from two pilot sites
  • Men’s Sheds: A community suicide prevention programme
  • Suicide bereavement services
  • Suicide Safer Communities
  • Reducing suicide on the railway
  • Suicide Liaison Services
  • Services and Trusts Integrating To improve Care in self Harm
  • Risk and resilience: identifying and supporting men
  • Suicide and the media
  • Suicide and offenders

Here’s just a few of our speakers:

  • Rt Hon Alistair Burt MP, Minister of State for Community & Social Care
  • Professor Louis Appleby CBE, Chair, National Suicide Prevention Strategy Advisory Group
  • Heather Stokes, Vice President, Strategic Development, LivingWorks International
  • Gregor Henderson,  National Lead Wellbeing & Public Mental Health, Public Health England
  • Dr Caroline Dollery, Clinical Director, East of England Strategic Clinical Network
  • Catherine Richardson, Public Mental Health Lead, Durham County Council Public Health
  • Dr Graham Durcan, Associate Director Criminal Justice, Centre for Mental Health
  • Elysabeth Williams, Public Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Lead, Stockport Council Public Health
  • Richard Brown, Chief Executive, Listening ear, AMPARO service provider
  • Christine Hurst, Senior Coroner’s Officer, The Coroner’s Office Warrington
  • Anne Embury, Suicide Liaison Service Lead, Outlook South West
  • Caroline Harroe, Chief Executive, The Tomorrow Project
  • Grazina Berry, Director of Performance, Quality and Innovation, Richmond Fellowship
  • Claire Bennett, Senior Researcher, NatCen Social Research

Eventbrite - NSPA Conference 2016: Empowering Communities Through Collaboration

There were 6,233 suicides in the UK in 2013, 4,722 of which were in England. The male suicide rate is at its highest since 2001, with more middle aged men taking their own lives than there have been in the last thirty years. Suicide is not just a tragedy for the person who loses their life. It also shatters the lives of those left behind – families, friends and communities. For every life lost to suicide, it is estimated that at least six people are deeply affected, but there is not a simple formula for reducing suicide. The risk factors are wide ranging and complex. Suicidal feelings and behaviour usually result from multiple issues in someone’s life and can be related to many different factors including demographics, social issues, settings or times of crisis. We will only save more lives if all parts of society work together to tackle the problem and the NSPA conference seeks to bring together like-minded people to look at how, collectively, we can address this issue.

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