National Suicide Prevention Alliance’s response to the House of Commons Health Select Committee Suicide Prevention Report

The NSPA welcomes the Health Select Committee’s report into suicide prevention, published today. The compelling written and oral evidence provided by many of our members has directly impacted on the Committee’s recommendations and we’re pleased that these reflect what we’ve been calling for. We are incredibly heartened by the increasing priority and focus on the issue of suicide, particularly since January and hope this will translate into greater action and the investment of resources into this life saving work. We support the call for effective implementation plans being in place across the country – they are vital to delivering on the Government’s Suicide Prevention Strategy. Our work producing a range of guidance including for local authorities in suicide prevention planning and supporting ‘masterclass’ events, on delivering services for support after a suicide and for online community moderators in responding to suicidal content are essential to facilitating this. The report’s wide-ranging recommendations too, demonstrate the need for all sectors of society to work together and take coordinated, concerted action to save lives. Collaboration is at the heart of our alliance, suicide prevention is everybody’s business and with our 100 plus members and supporters, we’re proud to be working with so many people to make a difference. We hope the Committee’s report provides more impetus and drive to stop people dying.

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