Well Springs Community Services

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Since Well Springs was founded in 2010, we have equipped thousands of people and organisations with the skills required to manage social issues and improve wellbeing, through our training courses, consultancy and coaching. Our aim is to restore, refresh and revitalise lives through restorative approaches.

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Organisation Details

Website www.wsprings.org.uk
Twitter wspringsorg

How does your organisation contribute to preventing suicide and supporting those affected by it?

At Well Springs, we have two suicide first aid trained staff and support people with suicial ideation by listening to them and working towards a safe plan. We also signpost people to their GP and other organisations such as Samartians, to receive support and medical professional advice. We attend the Bedfordshire and Luton Suicide Prevention Campaign meetings to keep abreast of the activities that are taking place in our local area. We work with the On Its Head campaign to support the message of placing the stigma on its head to prevent more lives being turned upside down. Having lived experience of suicide is what connects us to those affected by suicide.


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What are your current priorities?

One of our current priorities is teaching young people the skills to manage everyday situations. We are also focussed on:

Suicide prevention
Mental health education

We have 2 ASIST suicide first aiders and support and signpost people where necessary.

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What challenges are you currently facing?

We are not funded at present however have applied for some funding and are currently awaiting the outcome. We have devised a project to deliver in schools that which teach young people about emotional health and wellbeing.

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