The Nous Organisation Ltd

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We are a not for profit organisation set up to raise awareness about mental health issues in the BAME community. We organise conferences, seminars and are accredited Mental Health First Aid Instructor.

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Organisation Details

Twitter @nousorg

How does your organisation contribute to preventing suicide and supporting those affected by it?

  • We use our social media platform to provide education and awareness.
  • We signpost to the relevant and appropriate agencies in the community.
  • We offer support to those affected by the trauma of suicide in the family
  • Our convenor is ASSIST trained so she offers suicide intervention support
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What are your current priorities?

  • Suicide Prevention
  • Working with families, community leaders to understand mental health issues
  • Mental Health First Aid Training
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What challenges are you currently facing?

  • Funding
  • Organisation structure
  • Office space
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