No Duff UK

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What Does “No Duff” mean. “No Duff” is Military Coms meaning “This is Not a Drill”.

We are a group of serving and former service personnel who along with our civilian colleagues recognise the need to support rank and file personnel, both serving and retired, who as a result of service suffer from mental health illness. We draw on each other’s service skills and attributes to help those that are affected by their service with mental health. We go further than most as we believe not just the individual is hurting but the whole family gets affected.

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Organisation Details

Address 1 Mayfield Avenue
Sutton Heath,
Twitter NoDuff1
Facebook 352018052306848

How does your organisation contribute to preventing suicide and supporting those affected by it?

  • We operate a 24hrs Helpline for our users 365 days a year.
  • We have a website.
  • We are active on social media such as Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • We watch (monitor social media) for  members of HM Armed Forces, Veterans, EMS, HMP, NHS and Animal Rescue Services who are struggling to cope with their mental health.
  • We listen, it is important to mention that we are not a counselling service, however we listen and will signpost users to other organisations.
  • We will act, we attend to those users who may be feeling unable to cope.
  • We are active members of All Call Signs for missing Veterans.
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What are your current priorities?

  • Prevention of suicide for members of HM Armed Forces, Veterans, EMS, HMP, NHS and Animal Rescue Services.
  • Prevention of self harm, alcohol and substance abuse.
  • We would like get out there and conduct more outreach work.
  • Development of an assistance dog programme to aide our users with their mental health.
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What challenges are you currently facing?

  • Lack of funding.
  • Require professional back up such as qualified councillors.
  • Although we are known with Veterans more networking is required.
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