Festival of Life and Death

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Founded 2016 our aims are to create a global annual festival, initially 1st September 2018 in Leicester UK, extending to other cities and countries to: raise awareness about suicide, share best practice in prevention and treatment of mental illness, offer support, hope and inspiration to people bereaved by or affected by suicide and to promote wellness.

To help reverse the rising trend of suicides globally and by implication achieve similar improvements to global wellness, by improving every aspect of prevention and treatment in mental illness, in short to start to heal this increasingly unwell world

We will do this through talks, music, performance and visual arts, comedy, talking and listening and every imaginable helpful concept from every discipline, involving every possible agency, in the shape of a free fully inclusive central conference spilling out into surrounding venues of all sorts, offering or associating with festival activities in one way or another, in every city of the world, on one day every year, The Festival of Life and Death.  Speakers and performers and activities will extend far beyond suicide into all aspects of what it is to live well, and to die with dignity.

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Organisation Details

Address 1 Groby Road
Website www.festivaloflifeanddeath.org
Twitter lifedeathfest
Facebook lifedeathfest/

How does your organisation contribute to preventing suicide and supporting those affected by it?

The Festival of Life and Death primarily contributes to these outcomes by:

Raising awareness of suicide and its risks and triggers, especially so that family and friends and workplaces understand these things better and can intervene when required and better support those struggling.

Connecting and combining the efforts of and thereby greatly empowering fragmented agencies, pressure groups and ordinary people, so that organisations, authorities and governance dramatically increase the prioritising of good mental health and healthy societies and especially the need to prevent people who are unwell from being made worse and ultimately suicidal.

Sharing and discovering and educating ways to live well.

Changing how we educate children and raise children, so that future generations understand how to live well, understand and avoid the dangers of living in ways that make people and societies ill.

To offer purpose and ways for bereaved people especially from suicide to become involved in sharing their experiences and in finding comfort and inspiration from others. For many this simply means drinking tea and eating cake and listening to music or seeing dance, for others this will mean taking much more active involvement in helping with a festival event, or perhaps organising one.

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What are your current priorities?

Establish appropriate constitution, governance, roles, and planning, modular framework, mindful of the aim to minimise infrastructure and costs, and to enable widespread flexible adoption of FoLaD at minimal cost, giving maximum accessibility.

Foster organising groups to enable FoLaD to grow and be ‘owned’ and operated and used by as many people as possible, in as many communities as possible, across as many interests as possible.
Secure necessary funding for FoLaD’s future operation.
Build strategic connections with key partners to use and offer FoLaD ideas, and to collaborate in connecting and assisting other services and concepts that improve wellness and provide relevant support.

Identify and collaborate with very innovative societal/lifestyle improvement concepts. Embed these as optional elements with FoLaD. (FoLaD is not clinical or helpline, nor seeking to overlap into treatment and crisis intervention. Our primary focus is promoting awareness, dissolving taboos, offering inspiration and support, education, via community, friendship, gatherings, arts, entertainment, and other healthy living examples.)
Build online and social media presence to help raise awareness about suicide, share helpful content, and join up other relevant agencies and efforts.

Ensure FoLaD grows inclusively, which means inviting and involving all aspects of society

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What challenges are you currently facing?

Simply getting it out there it's a very simple concept zero infrastructure, free, all that's needed is a group of organisers a venue and an event can be created large or small it doesn't matter. Once the event is established hundreds, thousands will support it because everyone is affected.

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