Chasing the Stigma

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Chasing the Stigma (CTS) is a national mental health charity, registered in England and Wales under the charity number 1170757, which aims to remove unnecessary stigma attached to mental health by humanising and normalising the topic and making help as easy as possible to find.

At CTS we have created the Hub of Hope, a world’s first of its kind mental health database, that uses the location of web browser or mobile device to signpost to the nearest grassroots and national mental health services, as well as providing a direct link to the Samaritans using a ‘talk now’ button.

The Hub of Hope is available at as well as being available in the App store and Google Play. It is currently the biggest and most comprehensive resource of its kind and has been endorsed by the Samaritans and 25 other national mental health support organisations. The hub of Hope is free to use for anybody wanting to find help or list their services. Any services wishing to be part of the Hub of Hope can register at

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Organisation Details

Address 54 St James Street
L1 0AB
Twitter Chasingstigma
Facebook chasingthestigma

How does your organisation contribute to preventing suicide and supporting those affected by it?

At Chasing the Stigma, we firmly believe that suicide is preventable and that the factors which play a significant role in somebody’s decision to end their lives by suicide are treatable. Early intervention is essential and grassroots organisations, such as charities and community groups, hold the key to lifesaving help and support. They are just too difficult to find. That is what we want to change. We created the Hub of Hope to remove the barriers that are preventing people from seeking help and make support as easy as possible to find.

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What are your current priorities?

We currently have more than 1,200 validated support networks already registered on the Hub of Hope, we know that is just a fraction of the amount of support that is out there. We want to leave no stone uncovered and ensure the Hub of Hope contains as many, if not all the support that is available throughout the UK and wider. We can’t do that alone, so we will work with different communities to tap into local knowledge and find the support that is out there. We believe that people deserve options and we want to provide as many options of support as we possibly can.

Stigma is what is preventing so many people from seeking help or even accepting they’re struggling. That’s simply not good enough. There is nothing more common than something 7.6 billion people share We all have mental health! Chasing the Stigma will continue to campaign for a better understanding of mental health in a bid to eradicate the unnecessary stigma.

We want the Hub of Hope to be accessible to every person in this country. We want everybody to know and understand the process of getting help and support if they ever find themselves or somebody they know struggling with their mental health. Although we are incredibly proud to have been accessed by more than 16k unique users within the Hub’s inaugural year, we know we can and should be reaching more. We will build relationships with mental health charities, trusts and  communities across the country as well as exploring marketing opportunities to make the Hub of Hope the go to place if you need help.

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What challenges are you currently facing?

As a charity, we rely almost entirely on public donations, which means we do face certain challenges, particularly in populating the database, spreading the word and reaching as many people and services as possible.

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