World Suicide Prevention Day 2016

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It's ok to talk


Suicide is the biggest killer of men under 50. This World Suicide Prevention Day, the NSPA, with its members and Andy’s Man Club are calling for everyone to work together to stop this national scandal.

Stopping suicide is everyone’s business.

If life is tough and you don’t know where to go for help, speak to somebody – call a helpline, speak to a friend, see your doctor. You are worth saving. It’s okay to talk.

Our smart card with tips on how to look after yourself and how to look out for your mates is now available to download

About the campaign

September 10th is World Suicide Prevention Day and NSPA members are coming together to encourage men to share their problems, emphasising that seeking support is not a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of taking control.  Following the success of #ItsOkayToTalk, an organic online campaign, we want to amplify the message to men that it’s okay to talk .

In our biggest joint public ‘moment’ in support of suicide prevention, the NSPA and Andy’s Man Club are hosting a pop-up listening village outside Parliament on 8th September and distributing smart cards specifically targeted at men, encouraging them to talk and providing tips on looking out for yourself and others.

Our aim is to reach as many people as possible with the message that it’s okay to talk.

This film from Movember, also launched for World Suicide Prevention Day, is a powerful reminder of why seeking support when we need it is so important. Suicide notes talk too late. It’s okay to talk.

How can you get involved?

If there’s only one thing you do to support our campaign, tell your mates it’s okay to talk and ask them how they are.

But if you can…

Support the campaign online

Tweet your support by downloading our #ItsOkayToTalk banner and tweeting a photo of yourself holding it and using the hashtags #ItsOkayToTalk #WSPD16.

Banners are available to download with and without space for members to add their logo.

no logo banner    with logo

We’ve also taken some of the images and information from our z-cards and will be tweeting them throughout this week and beyond. Assets are downloadable as zip files from the links below and have been sized for Facebook and Twitter:

WSPD Facebook assets

WSPD Twitter assets

Below are some social media posts to accompany the downloadable Facebook/ Twitter images:

You don’t need special listening skills. Look out 4 your mates this #WSPD16 #ItsOkayToTalk
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There’s no shame in asking. Seeking support can be the best way of regaining control #ItsOkayToTalk #WSPD16
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If your mate is shaken, be stirred. This #WSPD16 look out for each other #ItsOkayToTalk
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Suicide is the biggest killer of men under 50. This #WSPD16 take 3 minutes if things get too much #ItsOkayToTalk
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Suicide is everyone’s business. Connect and communicate this #WSPD16 #ItsOkayToTalk
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This #WSPD16 regain control. When you’re overloaded, take time out to rest #ItsOkayToTalk
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Get support

For further sources of support, take a look at our support directory.

Member activity

You can also take a look at the other activities our members have been involved in for World Suicide Prevention Day here.

Media enquiries

As the host organisation of NSPA, Samaritans’ press team are managing all media enquiries relating to our World Suicide Prevention Day campaign.

Contact: +44 (0)20 8394 8300 / / +44 (0)7943 809 162