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NSPA members work in partnership across society. Below are examples of their work with employers.


  1. City of London Corporation and Samaritans’ Suicide Prevention Awareness Training
  2. Skanska's ambitious site walk
  3. Surviving & thriving when things get tough
  4. Train the Trainer model in action at Wakefield Council and Horton Housing
  5. Wellbeing in the City

City of London Corporation and Samaritans’ Suicide Prevention Awareness Training

NSPA members: City of London Corporation and Business Healthy

Partners: Samaritans (Central London branch),  City of London Police, and East London NHS Foundation Trust

“Makes me see how important it is to step in if you see someone who looks like they’re suicidal.”

Training participant

Since 2015 the City of London Corporation has been working with partners to reduce the number of suicides, with a focus on City residents, workers and visitors who may be at crisis point. A year-long pilot launched in April 2016 and incorporated three key actions to reduce suicides locally: deliver suicide prevention awareness training to local businesses; hand out ‘guidance on suicide intervention’ leaflets to commuters; and place Samaritans signs in key City locations. All three aspects have continued and have been rolled out further past the end of the pilot phase.

Since April 2016, many Suicide Prevention Awareness Training sessions have been delivered to those working in the City. The training has a City focus and aims to provide participants with the tools to recognise when a friend or relative, colleague or stranger may be struggling with their mental health and what they can do to support them. The sessions have been very well-received and feedback from participants includes:

  • “Even though I have experience in this field, the training has increased and added to my understanding.”
  • “In the organisation I work in we already deliver ‘managing mental health’ workshops and this workshop was a lovely refresher and CPD.”

More than 233 City workers from across 52 organisations have attended the 1.5-hour training – most of whom are HR/ wellbeing/ facilities/ security leads at City businesses – but also including frontline staff, such as those working in key locations, and those in Canary Wharf.  The sessions are led by Samaritans volunteers and delivered in partnership with the City Corporation’s Public Health team, the City of London Police and East London NHS Foundation Trust.

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Skanska's ambitious site walk 

NSPA member: Skanska UK

Partners: Construction Industry Helpline, Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity, local contractors

For World Suicide Prevention Day 2018 Skanska asked all their employees to count the steps/miles they walked, miles they cycled or ran on 10 September 2018. The mileage was collated to see how many circuits have been travelled from one capital city to another, in countries where Skanska operate.

They calculated that one circuit is approximately 8,000 miles.

Skanska employees benefit from an employee assistance programme (EAP) where employees, partners/spouses and children aged 16-24 in full-time education can get legal and financial advice, counselling, as well as lots more.

Skanska are working with their supply chain partners to support them in raising mental health awareness. Most of their supply chain partners are small contractors and are unlikely to have an EAP. So Skanska want to raise money and awareness of the Construction Industry Helpline, so contractors know where to go.

Skanska asked for donations to the Construction Industry Helpline, run by the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity, who provide their contractors with any support they may need. Skanska set up a JustGiving page and also be asked employees to light a candle, to be displayed in a window at 8pm to show support in preventing suicide.

There was also cake sales held across multiple Skanksa sites to raise additional money.

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Surviving & Thriving when things get tough

NSPA member: Nightline Association

Partner:  EY Mental Health Network

Nightline Association has collaborated with EY Mental Health Network (EY) to organise an event in May 2018 to mark Mental Health Awareness Week for their staff and invited corporate representatives.

One of the Nightline Association volunteers facilitated a panel discussion between the media, GP Dr Ellie Cannon and celebrated Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist Rebecca Galustian.

The event was well attended by an audience of EY staff and others from a range of city corporate organisations. Those present were interested to find out about the work of Nightline Association, to hear the perspective of the panel and to gain insights and valuable tools to take back to their companies to improve the support they provide their staff. Nightline Association is keen to make a difference to the experience for university graduates in their transition into the workplace and, by co-hosting in this event, they also made useful contacts to plan similar events in the future.

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Train the Trainer model in action at Wakefield Council and Horton Housing

NSPA member: The Charlie Waller Memorial Trust (CWMT)

Partners: Wakefield Council, Horton Housing

CWMT has longstanding relationships with both Wakefield Council and Horton Housing, and has delivered training to both organisations for the past few years. Wakefield Council has received a series of 13 line manager training courses in 2018, and Horton Housing has been supported to deliver a whole organisation approach to mental wellbeing, including line manager training and mental health awareness training for staff.

Both organisations have taken on a ‘train the trainer’ model and have noticed improvements in staff engagement, sick leave and how mental health problems are managed in the workplace.

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Wellbeing in the City

NSPA member: Samaritans

Partners: PWC, Lord Mayors Appeal Charity, This is Me, A Better City for All

Samaritans and PWC have been working in partnership to produce Wellbeing in the City, an interactive online programme which brings Samaritans active listening expertise into the workplace. The programme teaches people the skills to manage their own emotional health and look out for others. This was a hugely valuable experience for all parties. Combining PWC’s knowledge and expertise of technology, their City audience insights and innovative design ideas alongside Samaritans expertise in wellbeing, emotional health and active listening skills made the project come alive. Feedback from the City has been very positive, and we are already hearing about changes in confidence and culture with people feeling more prepared to ask after a colleague’s welfare if they feel something is wrong. It’s also led to an increase in people feeling more comfortable to talk about their own emotional health and wellbeing something that can only be beneficial long term in Samaritans aim to get people talking earlier.

Samaritans and PWC has come together to produce an interactive online training programme, Wellbeing in the City. Find out how the programme teaches people to manage their own health and how to look out for others.

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The NSPA would like to give particular thanks to the staff of their members Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, Kidscape, Mind, PAPYRUS, Rethink, Samaritans, STORM Skills Training, and Thrive London for their time and effort as part of the World Suicide Prevention Day 2018 working group.