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NSPA members work in partnerships across society. Below are examples of their work within education.


  1. Charlie Waller Memorial Trust’s pilot gives them something to build on
  2. Nightline listening & information service for student accommodation
  3. Save the #Classof2018
  4. Student Mental Health Support Conference: Challenges and Opportunities
  5. Universities support development of bespoke mental health resources

Charlie Waller Memorial Trust’s pilot gives them something to build on

NSPA member: Charlie Waller Memorial Trust

Partners: Association of Colleges and Bath College

The Charlie Waller Memorial Trust is dedicated to helping people recognise signs of depression in themselves and others so they know when to seek help. The trust works across all sectors, including education, providing research and resources.

In 2017, it launched the pilot phase of a partnership initiative with further and higher education institutions across the UK to support their efforts to adopt a whole institution approach. The trust worked closely with the Association of Colleges, which has already recruited colleges for the initiative and peer-reviewed e-learning resources for further education.

An example of this is the partnership with Bath College. They have created a resource specifically designed for supporting construction students with mental health problems. It highlights the importance of talking about problems as a means of dealing with mental distress and signposting students to existing and new networks of support. This project is part of a broader work stream identified by the local Suicide Prevention Strategy. You can find their resources here.

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Nightline listening & information service for student accommodation

NSPA member: Nightline Association

Partners: Student accommodation providers

Student accommodation providers are key in supporting student well being – they often see more of the student than anyone else in their time at university and are well placed to notice any concerning signs and to help students to access support when they need it.

Nightline Association has worked with a number of student accommodation providers across the country. The focus of these partnerships is to ensure that all students in each of their properties have access to a Nightline service. The partnerships involve co-ordinating with local Nightlines and filling any gaps to guarantee every property is covered as well as ensuring that accommodation staff members in properties are aware and up to date about the service provided by Nightline.

Staff members at these properties now have links with a Nightline to co-ordinate promotional activity and to make available the correct information so that students can call Nightline any time during the night in term-time when other student welfare service are usually closed. This provides a lifeline for students when they need it most.

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Save the #Classof2018


Partners: Bromley Beacon Academy & Bromley Trust Academy

“The training and Save the #Classof2018 campaign has given us assuredness in our work and helped us change policy to reflect good practice when working with suicide.”

Following the launch of PAPYRUS’ successful ‘Building Suicide-Safer Schools and Colleges Guide’, released on WSPD 2017, Bromley Beacon Academy & Bromley Trust Academy has formed a partnership with PAPYRUS to save the #Classof2018.

PAPYRUS now work with the academy’s wellbeing team to adapt and deliver a Suicide-Safer Community Training Pyramid within the school community. PAPYRUS continue to support the academy with campaigns and information, including signposting pupils to their helpline HOPELINEUK.

Larissa Sherman, Head of Therapy at Bromley Beacon Academy & Bromley Trust Academy explained that “Despite having conversations about Mental Health First Aid, many of our staff felt unsure and lacked confidence about discussing suicide with the young people we work with… The training and Save the #Classof2018 campaign has given us assuredness in our work and helped us change policy to reflect good practice when working with suicide.”

Bromley Beacon Academy & Bromley Trust Academy were one of several schools and colleges throughout the UK to get in touch with PAPYRUS requesting further help in developing a suicide-safer schools policy following the launch of their Guide.
For more information on the campaign, you can visit the PAPYRUS website.

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Student Mental Health Support: Challenges and Opportunities

NSPA members: STORM and Charlie Waller Memorial Trust

Partners: Association of Colleges, Student Minds, University of Manchester

STORM has worked in collaboration with the University of Manchester, the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust, the Association of Colleges, and Student Minds to bring together a range of guest speakers and workshops for the Post 16-Student Mental Health Support conference, held on the 8th September 2017. The conference forms part of STORM’s ongoing Community Engagement Programme, where investment is made back into the community.

Over 110 delegates attended the free event at the University of Manchester. Providing front-line staff working with young people access to a variety of information, research and networking opportunities. Delegates attending the conference made the following comments about what they found useful from the event:

  • “All workshops and presentations have been useful and thought provoking”
  • “Links, networking, great information, great location, food was lovely, staff fantastic”
  • “Everyone was given the opportunity to participate and ask any questions”

The conference explored a range of themes including: Promoting Recovery in Psychosis, Supporting Staff in Supporting Students, Working with Colleges: challenges and opportunities and hearing the Student Voice.

Some resources have been made available on the STORM website for others to benefit from.

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Universities support development of bespoke mental health resources

NSPA member: Charlie Waller Memorial Trust

Partners: Association of Colleges and Universities UK

The demands of student life are well-known and increasingly research evidence points to the greater complexity of mental distress amongst the student population. Charlie Waller Memorial Trust, in collaboration with the Association of Colleges and Universities UK, has developed a Partnership Initiative to work with institutions in the sector to develop bespoke mental health resources.

The importance of suicide prevention emerged early on in discussions, and a number of resources are now being developed to build confidence and capacity across the whole institution to identify and respond to deteriorating mental health, including suicide risk. E-Based materials, ‘How to...' guides and specific information about suicide risk, not only inform students and staff alike, but also contribute to a culture where mental health, including suicide risk, can be more openly discussed and the stigma reduced.
The resources that are being developed will be made available across the sector so that all institutions, if they wish, can benefit from free, evidence-based, peer-reviewed and developed resources that map perfectly onto the needs of the student population.

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The NSPA would like to give particular thanks to the staff of their members Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, Kidscape, Mind, PAPYRUS, Rethink, Samaritans, STORM Skills Training, and Thrive London for their time and effort as part of the World Suicide Prevention Day 2018 working group.