Project Team

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Neil Peters

Neil is an experienced programme manager who has worked in suicide prevention for 10 years, for Samaritans and more recently as a freelancer for Nuthatch Consultants. He is working with the NSPA to manage the launch of the lived experience network.

He was bereaved by suicide 4 years ago when his brother in law died.

Neil has had an interest in ensuring people with lived experience of suicide are involved in suicide prevention planning and policy for a number of years, particularly after hearing Australian charity Roses in the Ocean speak at the NSPA conference.

Miranda Frost

Miranda has worked in mental health services, suicide prevention and lived experience influence and participation for many years.  Her work has been shaped by her experiences of self-harm, suicide thoughts and behaviours and the loss of people close to her to suicide. She has extensive experience in training and facilitation, working with professionals and community members with diverse lived experience.

Miranda’s role with the team is to design and deliver training to equip people with lived experience of suicide with the confidence and skills to safely, effectively and meaningfully inform and influence suicide prevention policy and practice.

Laura Brown

Laura supports suicide prevention from a strategic perspective; working alongside mental health commissioners across the UK to find digital solutions to increase choice, flexibility, and anonymised access to support. She has also spent a number of years as a Samaritan and is a qualified Counsellor.

Laura has experienced suicidal feelings as a young person, which has shaped who she is today.

Her role is to provide research insights and design support to the programme team, but it’s her personal mission to inspire other people with lived experience to realise they are the catalyst for change. She is also a data geek and proud of it!

Manawar Jan Khan

Manawar has over 20 years’ experience of working in healthcare regionally, nationally and internationally. In recent years he has managed a range of projects within Public Health teams as an interim specialist.  His work on suicide prevention and supporting those bereaved by suicide awakened his own realisation of a history of suicide ideation and drive to help the most vulnerable.

As a visually impaired person and person of colour Manawar is passionate about the acceptance of diversity, reducing inequality and working towards equality.  On the lived experience programme, he is advising and working with his colleagues to ensure that becomes a reality.


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