Suicide prevention webinar

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Following the publication of guidance on local suicide prevention planning, a series of masterclasses were held across the country. This page provides a webinar version of those classes, to help any organisation better understand and apply the guidance.

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The purpose of the masterclasses was to:

• introduce the new national guidance in local suicide prevention planning
• provide an overview of national progress for suicide prevention and the wider policy context for the guidance
• facilitate regional and local suicide prevention planning and improvement activity
• promote multi-agency and partnership working

To complement the classes, we also developed a series of short films setting out priority areas for action and showcasing some of the fantastic working happening around the country.

You can view the films here.

Webinar recording: Top priorities for your local suicide prevention plan

For those that were unable to attend the physical events, we also held a one-hour webinar outlining the top priorities for local suicide prevention planning and the evidence for action, as well as highlighting some resources available to people.

You can also download a copy of the presentation slides here.