Guidance on local suicide prevention

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In partnership with Public Health England and supported by Meadows Communications, we have launched a new practice resource for local authority public health teams to develop local suicide prevention plans. On these pages you will find a range of resources offering in-depth advice and insight.

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Local suicide prevention planning: A practice resource

Our comprehensive guidance directly supports the Government’s ongoing strategy for England, Preventing Suicide in England: A Cross Government Outcomes Strategy to save Lives and the recommendation taken from Five Year Forward View for Mental Health that all local areas have multi-agency suicide prevention plans in place by 2017, contributing to a 10 per cent reduction in suicide nationally.


It is designed to support local authority public health teams to work with a wide range of stakeholders, including clinical commissioning groups, health and well-being boards and the voluntary sector, to develop local suicide prevention plans.

The resource includes guidance on:

  • the national context for a focus on suicide prevention
  • building a partnership approach
  • making sense of national and local data
  • developing a suicide prevention strategy and action plan
  • evidence and ideas for action
Since this guidance was first launched, the NSPA and PHE have continued to work together to provide further resources for local areas to plan and implement suicide prevention activity. Below you will find links to a range of resources offering in-depth advice and insight.

A guide to suicide prevention – download the slides

This slideset puts the above practice resource into an easily digestible presentation format. It is a great tool for anyone needing to make the case for suicide prevention and key areas of work within this.

Case studies & Information Sheets – Click here

The case studies aim to pass on the many lessons learnt from initiatives across the country, while the information sheets offer more details on specific areas of suicide prevention that may be hard to locate elsewhere.

Film playlists – Click here

Steven Gilbert, a survivor of suicide, discusses how local organisations can work together to meaningfully engage people with lived experience of suicide.

Lorna Fraser, Media Advisor for Samaritans, discusses responsible media reporting.

Infographics – Click here

The above practice resource contains many graphics – charts, maps, statistics, quotes – that are useful for illustrating the importance of suicide prevention. These have been made available as downloadable hi-res images on this page.