Embedding a Partnership Approach to Suicide Prevention

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With the recent publication of the Third progress report of the cross-government outcomes strategy to save lives, this symposium will offer public health teams, local authorities, voluntary sector representatives, mental health and primary care professionals, with a timely and invaluable opportunity to engage with the Government’s suicide prevention strategy, develop plans of action to support high risk groups and analyse how to address wider determinants of suicide and poor mental health.

The event will be held in central London, exact venue TBC.

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Event Details

Date/Time Date(s) - 25/05/2017
10:15 am - 4:30 pm

Delegates Will

  • Analyse how to implement the suicide prevention strategy through strong leadership, clear accountability and improved transparency
  • Determine how to improve support for people most vulnerable to the risk of suicide
  • Assess the merits of adopting civil standards of proof to determine suicide as a cause of death
  • Consider how local authorities can tackle the wider determinants of suicide through sustained work on drug and alcohol misuse, employment and housing
  • Learn how to support the media to deliver sensitive approaches to the reporting of suicide
  • Scrutinise how to provide support after suicide, making postvention an essential part of public health and prevention
  • Discuss innovative models of care that connect physical health, mental health and social care to navigate people to the right services
  • Explore how schools, employers, primary care and support services can contribute to tackling stigma and raising awareness of mental health problems, depression and suicide
  • Identify methods of adopting a gendered approach to suicide prevention, challenging the attitudes and cultural expectancies that leave men more vulnerable
  • Share examples of how to successfully formulate and implement multi-agency suicide prevention plans

For further information, please visit the event website.