How We Work

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The NSPA believes that everyone has a role to play in reducing suicide and supporting those affected by suicide. It seeks to demonstrate this by bringing together organisations from across the public, private and voluntary and community sectors that are willing to take action.

As a membership organisation, the alliance seeks to facilitate the development and sharing of good practice, as well as encourage the collaboration and joint working of members in order to affect real change in this area.

You can read more about the NSPA’s priorities for 2016-19 in our Strategic Framework which has been developed in consultation with the NSPA Steering Group and incorporates input from the wider membership.

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Structure of the NSPA

Broadly speaking, work of the alliance can be split into two categories; that which underpins the alliance framework and infrastructure, and that which directly delivers suicide prevention activity and outputs.

The Steering Group is responsible for development of the alliance framework and infrastructure, supported by the Secretariat

Opportunities are provided for the wider membership to engage in collaborations and joint projects that we believe will have a direct impact on the reduction of suicide and supporting those affected by suicide.

The NSPA Steering Group has oversight of all alliance activities and is responsible for the allocation of funding for specific pieces of work.

By working in this way we seek to avoid an overly complicated and hierarchical structure and ensure that the alliance remains focused on delivering tangible benefits to its members and having a direct impact on the suicide prevention landscape.

View the Structure of the NSPA.

The NSPA also seeks to ensure its work is representative of the shared priorities and issues as identified by its members. The Annual Membership Meeting, Public Conferences and membership surveys act as the mechanisms by which priority actions and ideas for joint collaboration are generated.

The NSPA may enter into partnerships with external organisations or coalitions that sit outside of the alliance framework.


The NSPA is governed by a Steering Group, led by two Co-Chairs and operates according to agreed Terms of Reference

As a cross-sector alliance with a wide variety of member organisations, it is essential that the NSPA and the work it undertakes represents the views and collective values of its membership.

The most up to date version of the NSPA’s Terms of Reference can be found here.