Connecting with People

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Connecting with People is a not-for-profit, community interest company established in 2010.

The Connecting with People approach is an organisational response to tackling suicide and self-harm. It is robust approach that combines compassion and clinical governance.  It involves developing awareness, knowledge and skills, whilst tackling stigma and building emotional resilience.

The approach is strongly evidenced based and uses a set of clinical tools (fully peer reviewed and published) that ensure quality and consistent care.  Modular training builds knowledge, skills and compassion.  Clear structure and recording of information ensure excellent governance.

An App is used to easily and securely integrate records with NHS IT systems.

The Connecting with People approach has been designed to fit a specific gap in provision, rather than to duplicate what is already available.

Engagement of service users, the NHS and the third sector are central to the approach.

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Organisation Details

Address 33 St James's Square
Twitter @Connectwpeople

How would you describe your organisation's role in contributing to the delivery of NSPA’s outcomes to reducing suicide and improving support for those bereaved or affected by suicide?

Connecting with People provide a strategic approach to suicide prevention, using our experience of orgnisational development and community engagement.

Our clinical governance framework and a suite of clinical tools are designed to be used alongside existing risk management tools. Connecting with People places compassion at the core and the therapeutic frameworks enable practitioners to carry out a thorough clinical assessment, using techniques to instil hope and develop an immediate and long-term safety plan.

We have incorporated the essence of Values Based Commissioning by ensuring the training and approach is based on patient and carer perspectives, clinical expertise and knowledge derived from scientific evidence. We undertook extensive consultations with academics, practitioners, managers, people with lived experience as patients and carers. We work closely with organisations who adopt the Connecting with People training to ensure that improvements are sustained and any barriers are overcome.

       The Connecting with People was developed to:

      Provide a simple and consistent approach that can be applied across statutory care, third sector, community, service users and carers

      Respond to low take up of suicide prevention training by providing bite sized in-house  sessions to fit within protected CPD time or into shift patterns and delivered on site

We also develop free online self-help resources. We also offer building emotional resourcefulness at work and mental health awareness and compassion at work. We collaborate with national organisations on promotional activity to tackle mental health stigma and have led four international multimedia campaigns.

What are the current challenges to delivering NSPA’s outcomes from the perspective of your organisation?

The main challenge is ensuring that organisations recognise and prioritise their responsibility to improve clinical governance and quality improvements to prevent unnecessary suicide.  This means understanding that suicide is preventable, that everyone has a role in suicide prevention and that changes in care will save lives. 

Significant in-roads have been made to tackle stigma in the general population but there is still stigma and a chronic lack of awareness within the NHS that is hindering constructive change.

Services that would benefit most from a safe response such as emergency departments and primary care do not appreciate that the importance of their critical role or do not give suicide prevention sufficient priority.


What are your organisation’s priority actions for the next 12 months, to contribute to the reduction of suicide and improved support for those bereaved or affected by suicide, and which address the challenges you have set out?

Work with colleges and professional institutions

We will continue to work closely with the professional institutions to ensure that suicide prevention is given the highest priority and that all practice is based on excellent standards of care.

Contribute to positive campaigns

We will use our profile and social media presence to support campaigning against the stigma of suicide and mental health, nationally and internationally.  

Train NHS staff in suicide awareness and response

We will work with NHS Trusts and other bodies to properly respond to suicide in their organisations.

Early Intervention

Early intervention through delivering Mental Health awareness training in the workplace, delivering emotional resourcefulness training in workplaces and the community.  Promoting emotional resilience and breaking down stigma in schools.

Work with people with lived experience and their carers and supporters

We will continue to work closely with people with lived experience and their carers to ensure that Connecting with People remains focused on promoting the importance of a compassionate and safe response to people at risk of suicide. We will continue to collaborate to develop our self-help resources and to ensure everyone who needs them know how to access them.