Common Unity

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Is a Health and Social Care organisation specialising in working on mental health and well-being with ‘hard to reach’ communities. It was established in 2009 by community activists from BME communities who were also mental health professionals, and who had grown up in the inner city areas of the West Midlands. Our personal and professional experiences have formed our instincts about, and specific insights into, what works in communication with a wide range of audiences.

We help individuals, communities and service providers to overcome barriers to communication and the fulfilment of potential, ensuring that services are both accessible and relevant. Common Unity has been commissioned by the Local Authority, NHS Primary Care Trust, and a number of Third Sector organisations in Birmingham and Sandwell, to support them in research and consultation with specific communities.

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Organisation Details

Address 163 Gerrard Street
B19 2AH
Twitter @common_unity_
Facebook commonunity0

How does your organisation contribute to preventing suicide and supporting those affected by it?

Common Unity are a grassroots organisation who work tirelessly to have the voices of communities heard and acted upon in respect of the bigger challenges within society. Suicide Prevention and wellbeing are high on this agenda. Communities bring with them assets and real opportunities to challenge the stigma and the impact of suicide across the board as well as being key players in identifying what needs to change to best promote health and well being across communities.

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What are your current priorities?

The establishment and overall delivery of the fully evaluated CCN pilot which directly, through the programme areas identified, supports those most vulnerable in our communities. CCN embraces the upstream approach in recogising that the key way of reducing suicide and promoting well being across communities is through protection, promotion, prevention and education.

Delivery of ASIST Training as per Local Authority contracts and wider opportunities across England to a minimum of 150 delegates. safeTALK Training -as per local authority contract and wider to a minimum of 250 delegates. Bespoke training SCHEME to be further tested and embedded across communities. Referral pathways better identified within statutory sector utilising the Combined Appoach initially conceptualised by Common Unity alongside partner organisation Forward Fort Life.

We will be further developing of the ManMade Programme in respect of specific target groups (Criminal Justice and men in grief) with emphasis on a Peer Support Approach. Online social media campaign for ManMade particularly in respect of World Suicide Prevention Day and Mental Health Awareness Week as well as Mens Health Week. ManMade website to be further developed in light of impact and success of this approach alongside partner organisations.

Further development and roll out of the Urbrum Resource key as a virtual discreet intervention supporting those at risk to best engage with the right information, the right services at the right time. See

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What challenges are you currently facing?

The top down approach in respect of what is deemed good for us is often at odds with what communities feel is important. Common Unity are continually championing and developing, through a range of innovative approaches, solutions for improved community well-being. In spite of these challenges, we continue to play a conduit role in ensuring the voices of local communities are heard and acted upon.

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