Support after a suicide – providing local services

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Supporting people affected by suicide is an essential part of suicide prevention and to complement the guidance for local authorities in suicide prevention planning we have developed a suite of resources for providing support after a suicide.

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Everyone affected by suicide should receive timely and appropriate support

The NSPA and Support After Suicide Partnership have worked in collaboration with Public Health England to develop a suite of postvention resources, including:

PHE’s Support after Suicide: A guide to providing local services

Provides guidance on commissioning and delivering support after a suicide (otherwise known as postvention support), as part of a wider suicide prevention strategy.

Developing and delivering local suicide postvention support and Evaluating local suicide postvention support

Step-by-step guides on developing, delivering and evaluating a postvention support service, and a suggested pathway of support for people affected by suicide.

The resources are primarily aimed at local authorities and commissioners but can be used by anyone setting up and delivering services for those affected by suicide.